Privacy and the prince

I got asked after yesterday’s post if Prince Charming reads here, and I’d had another person a while back who was assuming that he did… so I figured I’d address it, if others were wondering.

The answer is no.

If he ever actually wanted to, he would have the info he would need to google and find it… and he does know that I have a blog.

While I’ve gotten a lot more detailed on here since he ended things, I don’t post anything here that I would not be ok with him seeing if he ever were to look for it. Nor do I post anything that is private information of his. So it wouldn’t be a big deal if he did decide to find it. They are my honest feelings, I stand by them.

But the one time the topic came up beyond just my mention of having one, his comments made it pretty clear that he had no idea of the type of posts, nor of what the posting frequency (infrequency) was at that time. If he had no interest in reading it then, he has much much less incentive to do so now.

I also have a complicated stats montioring and email filtering system set up which tosses notices of local traffic into my email, meant to give me a heads up more towards family etc, and I haven’t seen anything unusual come up there.

Nor have I had any new email subsribers since we started dating.

It’s possible that he could get around the stats monitor by using a feed reader, or using a proxy… but I doubt he’d do so.

Mainly, I just doubt he has a reason to.

He’s a guy… long rants about feelings and processing things, the type of stuff I generally post here, rarely seem to be their thing. Some of the time, I don’t even know that he was actually even reading all the way through the longer emails I’d sent him… why would be be looking to read more of that?


Someone had also asked if he survived the facebook purge.

He did… because I did it back when I really didn’t have my feet back under me yet.

I’m not so sure he would have if I’d done it last week.

I’ve had friends telling me I should remove him all the way since he first deleted the pictures of us… but especially after the meeting.

However, he is on a limited basis.

While we were dating, I had it set up so that it would email my phone every time he posted, and had it to where it would put not only his posts, but also his comments on other pages that were open for me to see.

That has been changed as of about 3 weeks ago.

He’s no longer in my news feed at all except when mutual friends comment on something of his… though I can still go over to his page and see his posts should I choose to.

He sees a limited view of my posts… about half of them or so.

I use my custom privacy setting a lot, and use the grouping lists that I’d set up back when I had way too many people added, so that I can make posts and block all relatives for a very common one I use… or block coworkers… or only show a prayer request to church friends… etc.

At the moment, he and the group I made for his friends and family who had added me are blocked from generally anything that I block relatives from (mostly personal stuff), and on occasion I block him individually from certain posts.

Originally, since he hasn’t liked or commented on anything since he ended things, I was thinking that he wasn’t paying attention and probably had me taken out of his feed… but at the meeting he made comments about the house remodel stuff that let me know he’d been watching… but then, that’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then, so who knows if he still does.

I probably should remove him… or block him from all posts. It may be in the future. But hasn’t happened yet.


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