Picky and the prince

As things work towards moving on, I’ve discovered that I’ve become picky.

When I was dating for the sake of dating, one of the things that I’d always liked was getting to know all sorts of different types of men.

I had a bit of a preference, but I considered it a soft spot for those types…. I usually dated more guys who didn’t match than who did.

But, looking back… the better relationships were the ones who matched more soft spots.

And now, as I find myself eliminating from consideration potential guys that I know that I would have seen as a perfectly decent prospect before… I’m realizing that the reason they would have been fine back then is because as much as I would have argued otherwise, I wasn’t so much looking for a relationship as for someone to validate me and then go away before things got to the point where I had to trust them with my heart.

And so, not being picky meant that when I was looking for a reason to back off, I could always find one.

I think picky may actually be a good sign here. lol


I’d started a book about a week and a half ago… before last weekend… that was supposed to help with releasing old relationships and moving on.

I’ve had a lot going on mentally on processing since the weekend, and just got back to it yesterday.

And the moving on part of the book is annoying me.

It’s taking the stance of everyone having a soulmate… which I already don’t buy…

So in the process of trying to convince me that my soulmate is still waiting for me… it’s describing what that will look like..

On how it will feel like this is how all other relationships were have supposed to have been.

How it will feel completely different from everything you’ve known before.

On how it will just seem to fit together right, and be comfortable like a glove made specifically for your hand.

How it will just seem to fall into place, seem so easy compared to having to work so much to keep other relationships.

How it will feel like they are everything you always wanted, as if they’d been created from a list of your wants, with a lot of extra bonus things you never knew to ask for.

In short… the author is pretty much describing exactly what I was feeling/thinking/writing about Prince Charming.

The guy she’s supposed to be helping me release in the book, asserting that if he were my soulmate, he wouldn’t abandon me.

Sometimes books make me want to tell the author I want my money back. lol


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