Broken candles

One of my three main candles was nearing the end of its life. It has maybe a couple more rounds left in it.

It had last been replaced a little over three months ago, right before all of the emotional upheaval in my life, and so it’s gotten a lot of use… and it was smaller than the others by quite a bit to start off.

But the store where I’d gotten it, now no longer carries that line, and the places that carry it online charge double even before shipping. 😦

I was bummed, particularly with the way things have been since then, it would have been nice to have an identical replacement… just to make me feel better really.

So, I went to target… found a candle the same size and general scent and a lighter shade of the same general color…. not quite the same, but close to being similar, and would have to do. The scent was the big thing anyway.

As I’m standing there in line (forever), I drop it. It doesn’t exactly shatter, but the glass breaks into a couple of chunks.

It’s only at this point that I suddenly remember… that the old candle had originally had a glass container around it too.

I’d dropped the bag in the parking lot of the store, and so when I got home, I’d just removed the glass and used it as if it never had it.

The target cashier was very confused as to why I still wanted to buy a broken candle and refused her offer to get a replacement. Added bonus, she gave me a discount on it. 🙂

Funny how something as random as repeated clutziness can be a nice connecting nudge when ya need one. lol


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