Of decisions and bravery

Over the past two days, I’ve made three decisions that I really wasn’t sure were the right ones.

Actually, two of them I was pretty sure were the wrong ones. I felt like it was the best thing to do… but it didn’t seem to be the smart thing in any of the three cases, so I was figuring I’d come to regret them.

With one of them, I figured I could always change my mind in the future to make a different final choice. The other two I was basically stuck with.

Interestingly enough… even less than 48 hours later at most, I think I’m actually coming around to think that all three of them may have been for the best.

I’m actually glad that I didn’t make my move yet on the one that may have a different final choice. It may still progress to that, but it settled down… a lot faster and nicer than I ever would have thought.

My decision to say something I was pretty sure that I shouldn’t yesterday… turned into something that I never would have said with a change in circumstances today, but that I’m very glad was said before that change hit.

And the other one has turned out to be for the best.

Maybe I’m not quite as crazy as I think I am sometimes.

Ok, so I still probably am… I’m just well looked out for. lol


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