Maybe just a bit high

So… when we’d last left off the online dating saga on here, I was getting asked if I would consider having children with a guy if we "became good friends".

Friend primarily responsible for the profile decision then tried to direct me more towards looking for guys, rather than letting them look for me.

I ended up deleting 2 of the 3 accounts. 1 because it just had junk and was obnoxious… the other because I kept getting really far off matches that made no sense, like a 20 year old, a 52 year old, and a guy in Jamaica.

Leaving just the one account open to deal with. Much nicer.

Last time I was using online dating a lot, I was mainly having success with Yahoo personals… but that’s been many years ago when yahoo was popular… but I’ve found a lot of the same things work here.

But the biggest thing I like on this site is what I’ve nicknamed the "no fat chicks" button.

Basically, this is a question on everyone’s page, like the smoker question, that asks if you are willing to date someone in the two heaviest categories of options. Like the smoker question, your options are yes, no, or i only want these people.

This sounds cruel at first.

Until you realize, that this means that as a fat chick, every person I’m seeing in my results, and who is seeing me, is someone who has already said they are ok with considering dating fat chicks.

Yes, it lets people completely eliminate me based only on my weight… but if they are fickle enough to do so anyway, they weren’t going to be the right person for me in the first place.

They’ve already done the task for me of completely eliminating the need to deal with vain people who wouldn’t ever consider someone who is fat.

Given that I also like the teddy bear types, clicking the "only these" option… means they’ve gotten rid of the least likely ones to click from my side as well.

I think this is pretty much the big reason I was getting better results with this one.

But, another nice feature… is the option to click and see who has visited your profile.

And there, while awake at 2am, I found the face of the prince.

He hadn’t actually shown up in any of my searches, but I have my age range set 5 years below and 10 years above, and covering the whole metro area, so there’s a lot of men in that net, and dating sites always seem to be a ton more guys than girls, so maybe i’d just never gone through enough pages to find him…. but apparently at some point he’d run across my profile.

My first responses were shock, and annoyance over the whole round of him trying to insist he was just needing time alone.

But after that passed… I came to realize something.

I’d been setting really high standards on guys… comparing them to the prince. I knew this. After finding someone that seemed perfect for me, I’m being picky with ones that aren’t even close.


Looking at the prince’s profile, I realized, I would have completely eliminated him.

His profile has multiple typos, which I’d been taking as a sign the person was either not a smart well spoken person or not someone who put his best effort into things instead of doing them lazily (when the prince is, on both cases), and he said on it that he liked comedy and to make people laugh, but had absolutely no humor at all on the profile… which I’d been taking as a sign the guy was saying he had a sense of humor but probably not really living it (when the prince does.)

I might be setting the bar of comparison a tad too high when not even he himself can hit it!


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