And morning breaks…

A couple of random blog-ish thoughts from last night….

I will know I’ve reached the point when I’m over this and totally back on my feet when my posting here drops back down to normal levels…. when the processing of feelings and thoughts has slowed.

My overall average over whole blogspan is 2 posts per week according to the stats numbers. Sometimes right now I’m hitting more than that per day.

And sadly enough, right now counting this post I have 27 posts in draft mode. Some of which are partially developed thoughts, some are barely started ideas, I think about 2 are close to being posted but are being given time to settle and be gone over again… but most are still thoughts in process, that keep getting interrupted by life and other topics taking over braintime.

I generally use writing as the best way of getting my thoughts sorted out… so when the writing slacks off will probably be the best indicator of when I’ve fully gotten my grip back on everything.

I’m actually being a bit more guarded than I should be here.
I’m sometimes a bit hesitant to post things that I think could get taken too far of the wrong way by some I know read here, and I think that is sort of messing with the big picture some of you have of things, by some of the communication with some of you in other places…. from some of the messages yesterday. I probably need to make less posts private under that reasoning.

I probably need to thrash out some of the family stuff that’s playing into this.
Again, I’m usually a bit more hesitant than I generally should be here, given that my general rule is not to post anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone on the planet reading and knowing about me… but sometimes, I think the sake of honesty and my own processing gets cut off by that.


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