Hearts of clay

I’ve been messing with some clay over the past week or so… working to get just what I want for some necklaces.
I like clay…. after it’s been worked with a bit.

Before then, while it’s still really hard, I’m not a big fan. It sort of hurts your hands, and doesn’t do what you want it to.

But when you’ve worked out the hard areas, it’s such a nice tactile feeling… soft and warm from the heat of your hands.

But, it doesn’t get that way on its own. You have to put the work in to make it that way. You have to find the hard places, and use your pressure to break them up and make them moldable.

And if you stop working with the clay, its amazing how quickly it gets hard again. Not as hard as if you’d never worked with it, but it doesn’t take long for the warmth to dissipate out, and the stiffness to set in.

It seems a good analogy with hearts.

Hard spots have to be worked out. Even the softer places that have already been worked need to keep being worked.

But the work you put in will determine whether or not you get out of it what you are looking for.

It will reflect back the warmth and the work that you gave it.

Even the hardest clay can eventually be putty in your hands. But it may make your hands a bit sore while you get there.


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