Kitchen motivation

So, the project mode around here has stalled a bit.

The living room, bathroom, and both bedrooms are mostly done except for two bathroom projects that are/may be over my head (sink pipe issue and shower wall), and some electrical stuff that I want to wait for the temp to drop a bit before having power off during the day extendedly.

But the kitchen…. ugh….

The kitchen is a disaster zone, that is hard to know where to start.

It’s one of those save the worst for last deals…. besides sorting through the garage junkyard (also waiting for cooler weather)… this is the worst room.

It’s also the room that has a lot of restrictions on what I can do based on factors not easily changed. Yes, I could tear out a wall or move kitchen cabinets… but I’m just not quite that crazy as to do so just yet.

But a lot of the drive has also waned. The early major projects were fueled a lot by the restless unfocused energy needing an outlet… which has since calmed.

It was also pushed by a drive to make things liveable for a bit longer until things calmed on a drama issue. Things have been liveable for several months now, and the drama issue has calmed… though I’m not quite ready to make a move in closing it yet.

But the kitchen does still bug me every time I walk into it.

But… even with all the work…. this place still doesn’t really feel like home to me. Still. This many years later.

I think that’s part of the lack of motivation too.

I need to just buckle down, start somewhere, and get it done… knowing I’ll at least feel a bit better when I have it completed.

But I just don’t feel like it right now.


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