The prince’s card

This was what I put in the prince’s birthday card.

I keep going back and forth on posting this… even with his name edited out. I’ve made it private and back twice now, which I think is a record on second guessing.

I guess the reason why I hesitate is because it is something that is deeply personal…

But then, so are a lot of things I post here.

And also, it maybe sounds a bit crazy if you don’t have the context of our relationship… to know that I did regularly send him notes that he was awesome… to know that’s the framework that I frequently used to try and let him know that I do think highly of him even in his roughest times, and that I do think he has greatness in him. He does undervalue himself and is too hard on himself at times… and a lot of times I don’t think that he really does see the good in him because he’s so frustrated when his actions don’t match up to the high standards that he wants them to.

So I think I’m going to leave it public… as much as I’m not sure about it.

Maybe it’s a bit weird.. but then, maybe it does at least show the gist of what I was trying to do.


The card:

You are special… and you are awesome. You are. Even when you really don’t feel it.
You still are, even on days when you look at your life, and you don’t see the awesomeness showing through. It’s still there. Still awesome.

Awesome isn’t something that makes you have to live up to a perfect standard to have it. It’s something that’s in you, in your heart, in your character, even in those moments when you most feel like you have disappointed yourself, even in the fact that you feel disappointed..

Even at the times when the darkness seems to be so vast, so powerful and frightening, even then, the candle of awesome shines in you, unfazed by shadows.

Even when your feelings get jealous of the strength of your brilliant mind and decide to do their best to confound it, to confuse you and throw you off course, or they even outright attack you, even then, the awesomeness glows on.

You are awesome on the good days when you get to show off your awesomeness to the world, but you are still just as awesome on the days you are feeling things that the others of us sometimes have a hard time understanding, and when we totally make things worse in our attempts to try and help make it better instead of just shutting up and holding you through it.

You, my dear man, are more awesome than Chuck Norris! Gasp! Is that even possible? Yes!
It doesn’t take much awesome when you always seem to win without even trying, any more than a 8 ft guy playing basketball needs any skills.
But it takes a whole lot of awesome to keep trying even on the days when it feels like failure is your only outcome. When it feels like your best judgements somehow still end up doing exactly what you don’t want to do.
To keep reaching even when it feels like what you want is always out of your current grasp.
To keep going even when it feels like a battle just to make it out of bed.
To keep putting one foot in front of the other even in the spells when it seems hopeless to keep doing so.
To keep doing the best that you can with each day when you know that your hurts would give you every justification to never even try.

But the biggest reason you are awesome… is that you are you. That flame of awesomeness is who you are, no matter how much of life’s junk tries to hide it.

You are (his legal name here), you are (his commonly used name here), you are (new name), and you are awesome.

You really truly are.

Don’t know how much my opinion counts anymore, but for what it’s worth, I still believe in you.

I still believe that you are awesome, and I still believe that there are going to be great things ahead for you that are going to let the awesome shine like a spotlight.

Sometimes life is a bit like tetris… when you are awesome, it’s when you have junk piled up against you that you can make the really big moves and really score big, instead of just picking off single lines for low points like the less skilled.

Whether you feel like it or not, you’ve got what it takes to make it, to overcome, and reach all of the places and things that you desire.

Because really truly are awesome.

But you know what? Even if the darkness were right, even if you never got to where you want to be, even if it never got brighter… even if that feeling were actually reality… even then, you would still be awesome. Maybe even more awesome for still fighting anyway.

My hope for you this year, and forever, is that even on the worst of days, you are really able to see how awesome you are.

Because if really knew that, if you could really see how awesome and special you are, your conquest of the world would have Chuck Norris begging for your mercy!


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