Reality TV offer email

So… in my email this morning, was a completely random email.

It was an invitation to submit a video to apply for a casting call for a reality TV show. Yes, Seriously.

With my real name. Not my legal name, but the one I use.

It wasn’t in my spam folder, and it appears to be legit… I’ve found other sources online from the network (NBC) pointing to the same website that this email was sent from.

How they got my info, I haven’t the foggiest idea, the email didn’t say, and I’ve never gotten anything like this before.

It’s a weight loss show. Not a competition.. and it says you would not have to take off work extendedly, so it’s not like a biggest loser ranch sort of thing where they are taking you somewhere. It says the filming will last for approximately 6 months.

But… the kicker… was the show premise.

Because it’s a couple show… they want couples where both members of the couple are at least a certain number of pounds above their ideal weight. The prince and I would have qualified.

But.. the email just said vaguely that “You’ll be on the same journey, but will lose the weight on your own.” Ok, so I just took that to mean they have you working with different things individual to you.

The other information online got more specific…. they are actually asking couples to separate for the duration of the filming, to then be reunited in the final reveal show to surprise each other with their progress.


They are asking people to not be with their loved ones for “approximately 6 months” just so they can get the shocked reactions like biggest loser does when the people go home?!?!

At least biggest loser is taking them somewhere to intensively focus and do some teaching outside of the temptations of regular life, sort of like going to rehab… it’s for a good reason, and the time away has a purpose.

This is just for TV. Just for the reveal reactions.

Who in the world would sign up for this?

Couples who aren’t getting along with each other and want 6 months apart anyway? People pretending to be couples just to get on TV?

Yeah, when the prince had initially asked to put things on the back burner for a bit, giving me the impression that we were still together but backing up on intensity for a while with an intent to return to having things more serious, yes, I did understand and agree to it. (It wasn’t until his actions said “dumped” instead of “back burner” that I seriously lost it.)

I do get that… and yes it would have still been hard, but nowhere near as hard. And I imagine if you were one of these people, having the reassurance that it was just a temporary separation would make it a lot easier than what the truth of our situation turned out to be… especially when you are both working on things.

But still…

Why wouldn’t you want the people to be able to support each other through the challenges and encourage each other? When they are both working in the same direction, on the same overall goal even if they each have different areas to focus on?

Is emotional support really worth less than a shocked and surprised reaction?

Maybe I’m odd, but I think I would watch the show to see the couples struggling through the weight loss battle together as a team rather than the one of them battling it at the same time but apart.

Actually, had we been together still and had it been the together show, I might well have actually sent the email on to the prince to consider. At one point he was (I thought) joking about us trying out for the Amazing Race when they were casting here in town.
(He looked a bit disappointed when I joked back.. so he might have been more serious than I initially read as joking. Maybe I should have just pointed out my messed up ankle…)


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