The prince’s blue poo

So… I made cupcakes for the prince for his birthday.

I’d actually thought of these all of the way back before Valentine’s day, but life was too crazy to get them done right then, so I did a jello-cake for that which turned out messy, and decided I would do these for his birthday.

Needless to say, I hadn’t the foggiest idea what was coming between the two times.

So, the prince is a cubs fan. Yes, the poor thing… lol

So, these cupcakes had an initial layer of blue frosting, and then a white solid circle on top of that, and then the red lettering to make them into a cubs logo.


Yeah yeah, bad pun, but I knew the prince would smile at it too.

I’d intended to use fondant…. but chickened out because of the lettering and used a thick buttercream icing… and I should have used the fondant instead because the white sometimes let the blue show through a bit much, and my piped "B"s and "S"s left a lot to be desired.

Ah well.

So, I’d gotten the stuff to do these months ago, because when Boo and I were shopping, we found some cake mixes that were bright blue… so it would match the frosting plans. So, we grabbed them.

And they did stay very bright blue even after baking… and looked cool. They were just a basic white cake flavor so kind of bland… but it worked.

We made a bit over 3 dozen…. I did a dozen for the prince, let Boo decorate another dozen, and left the rest unfrosted down at grandma’s house for after school snacks.

Tonight, I’m down at my mom’s, make a random mention that I’m surprised there are still a couple of cupcakes sitting around… and she suddenly declares..

"Those cupcakes made my poop SMURF BLUE for THREE DAYS! Even the water in the toilet turned blue like it had one of those tablets in the tank!"

All I could do was die of laughter.

Well that would be why the dye doesn’t fade while baking… lol!

So, I guess the prince got a bit of an unintended gift! 😀

You have no clue how much self-control it is taking not to post an apology on his page for the decorative feces, just to be posting it. lol

As for my mom… well… a few years back, she forgot to warn me that some vitamins she had given me, that she had been on for a while, were going to create liquid output the color of mountain dew… so I guess karma has been served. lol

And I would apologize for the topic… but… you actually decided to read this post given the title? 😀

This page needed a bit of humor. 🙂


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