The givens

So… looking over the want, need, like lists from the other day….

The question was then, what are the givens?

What as the things I’m just assuming, because I consider them such a no-brainer that they don’t even register?

Things like having a job, a drivers license, a car, living on their own, lack of criminal history…

And I’m finding the more I’ve gotten older… the more I’ve stopped having as many givens.

I’ve done the job loss game. I’ve seen others do that game. Yes, they need to have a work ethic… but that doesn’t always mean a job anymore.

And sometimes, the finances might make it an entirely reasonable thing to not have a car currently.

I’m finding more and more, that with people in general, there’s more weight in the watching than there is in the having.

The story helps too… the why… but, a lot of people can make up a wonderful sob story.

But what do they do? Are they still trying even when the road is rough? Are they making the best choices they can in their crummy situations?

When I was dating when I was younger, I would have eliminated a lot of people based on a lot of factors… that I’ve come to realize may well be a temporary hill they are climbing.

Not to say that all of them are, but that I’m a lot slower to assume… and a lot slower to say they are things that must be resolved before anything else.

There will always be some who are truly losers for life with no true desire to rise above it. But there’s a lot more wheat mixed in with the hay to me than there used to me.

It’s sort of an interesting thing…. on every other factor, I’m becoming so much pickier…. but on life being hard? Let’s talk first.


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