Being well

Today has been a bit of an emotional day… so it’s been one of those be nice to yourself and self-sooth however feels appealing days.

That meant goulash for dinner…. one of those "had it constantly as a kid because it was cheap" comfort food meals.

And last night Boo had several friends over, so we had some redboxes I needed to return, and I needed to pick up med refill, so while I was going to walgreens and had to park and get out to return the movies anyway instead of just doing the drive through…. I decided I was going to get some peanut butter m&m’s.

I’m not generally a big chocolate person, but it sounded good… and the grocery store only has them in the giant bags, but walgreens has the little ones.

So I did.

But, they were $1.79 each or 3/$3, and they also have the "dark side" skittles that both Boo and I like that the grocery store and walmart don’t carry at all, so I grabbed two of those.

I also decided that tonight is probably a night that it’s best that I take the sleep med, so I needed to grab that, as I’d been out and hadn’t gotten more where the doc was wanting me to avoid getting used to them.

And, on my way walking back to the pharmacy pick up counter, I walked past the freezers. Chunky Monkey called.

And so… I’m picking up a prescription for a med that is an anti-anxiety and anti-depression med… and having them also ring up Ben & Jerry’s, a whole handful of candy, and sleep meds.

The cashier gave me their new closing line they have been using.. "Thank you, and be well!"

I almost laughed.


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