Template tasks

At work, I send a lot of emails that are identical with only minor changes. A report email goes every day that just has a different daily attachment… a request for tax exempt form that just goes to a different person each time, etc.

So I used a lot of outlook templates, because I’m not used to government work and am still trying to do things efficiently.

We got changed over to Office 365 cloud based outlook recently, which had required 3 different conversations with "service desk" people, and I asked each of them how to do this, and none of them could figure it out, and all three came to the conclusion that it was a limitation of the software that this was not possible for my user level. There was nothing in the documentation that I could find.

Yesterday, I hit a button trying to do something else, found a menu I hadn’t seen before, and managed to figure out how to do it myself.

I feel rather accomplished. šŸ™‚

The question is, do I call the clueless help desk back to teach them, in case anyone else around here actually knew how to use templates and asks them?


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