Blankets and happiness

So, starting a couple of years back, I started crocheting baby blankets for baby shower gifts.

I don’t honestly remember why I did so the first time.

These aren’t your typical intricate pastel baby blankets… these are made with a very soft yet really thick yarn that washes really well, and I usually do them in really bright colors… knowing young kids like bright colors and everyone gets tons of pastel junk. And I make them good sized… big enough to be toddler coverups and not just an infant swaddling blanket.

I’ve yet to have one be received with anything less than gushing. The moms always love them.

And, really, they usually only take me about a weekend or so, and the costs in yarn are less than I’d have been spending on them buying something from their registry.


And it’s sort of cool to just randomly see them appearing on facebook in the pictures the parents post of their kids later. They seem to actually get used… and not just for the first few months like a lot of shower gifts.

But this time, a baby has picked the blanket that I gave to him as his favorite blanket.

He likes to finger the yarn, to feel it squish in his mouth, to fall asleep under it.

His mom tells me about this, and I get to see pics of it showing up and the blanket over him while he sleeps.

And it makes me smile to have something that I made be what brings him comfort.

To be something that makes him happy. To be his favorite even.

Especially right now, when I’m kind of feeling less than comfort myself. When I feel like I could use a good security blanket to just cower under and feel loved.

I may be having a crummy day… and feeling very crummy…

But there’s at least one baby who is glad for his blankie.

Somehow that makes me feel a bit better.


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