There was an accident


This weekend there were no posts written… because I was trying to focus on not focusing on things but just working to find happiness in the moment.

Monday I started writing a reflective post about the weekend, but was busy, and it got shuffled off till bedtime.

At 9, when I usually start getting ready for bed, I wasn’t yet… which is unusual. I’ve been good about this since the issues with sleep… tyring to go to bed at about the same time and give myself enough sleep.

So, at 9:30, I was still fully dressed. I’d changed to shorts from the jeans I had on earlier, but was fully clothed.

This was a really good thing…. as I got to take an ambulance ride at 9:45.

In front of the litter boxes, there are these rubber mats. They catch the cat litter from their feet so that it doesn’t get on the hardwood floor and make people slide.

Guess what? The mat slid.

These things are normally like a rock and don’t budge… but, the mopping hadn’t gotten done this weekend, so I’d done it about 6 on monday night. The only thing I can figure is that I didn’t let the floor dry completely before putting it back down, so there was water under it 3 hours later.

It went sliding… and the knee that I’d had problems with as a teenager just sort of crumpled.

My kneecap was dislocated, by about 5 or 6 inches from where it was supposed to be… and didn’t go back into place.

I told Boo to call 911…. she called grandma instead. lol!

So, after I finally got her to give me my phone, I called myself… and got a nice ambulance ride and 6 hours at the hospital.

By the time they did the xrays, it had gone back into place, so they think it must have done so while there was a brief period in trying to move me onto the stretcher where the lower leg was supported but not the knee… resulting in some window rattling screams from me.

But there are pics my mom took just after they arrived that clearly show it not where it was supposed to be.

So, anyway… there’s pain. Physical pain.

We aren’t sure of the damage yet. The insurance denied the mri in the er, because once it was back in place, they no longer considered it an emergency…. so now the doctors office is having to bicker with them to approve it as a normal priority.

Gotta love red tape.

All I know… is that even with strong pain meds… it hurts. Lots.

Right now it’s in a brace from just below my hip to just above my ankle to keep it from bending… not that I can bend it right now anyway… and I’m on crutches with orders to keep as much weight off of it as possible.

Not fun.

So that’s been my week.

And that’s why no posts.

Sorry, I’m sure pain med fueled posts could have been an interesting change of pace around here… lol!

I’m planning to return to work tomorrow. Will see how that goes on how I am feeling, and if there are posts.

Somehow the weekend one I was working on seems pretty distant right now. lol!


One thought on “There was an accident

  1. tlc4women says:

    I am praying your knee is healed!

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