Crummy day

Today I feel crummy.

It’s just sort of one of those days.

My knee is hurting worse than it has been lately.

I’m frustrated with the doctors office and/or the insurance company… as right now, I’m not even sure anymore which one is causing the delays in getting answers and thus the delay in dealing with it.

I’m ready to be done with crutches and pain and not being able to do much for myself… and I know that it’s probably just begun whether or not they have to do repair, which makes me all the more ready to be done with it.

And of course, being in a crummy feeling mood just adds to feeling more lonely… and reminds me how much I miss contact with Prince Charming… who could always make me feel better by just a text or the sound of his voice.

Which today makes me feel frustrated with having nothing I can do to change anything with that either… and even more down and pessimistic on the reality that if things ever do change with him, it’s not likely to be anytime soon.

So today I’m feeling alone and powerless and frustrated and hurting both physically and emotionally.

And with the knee and limited mobility and options, it limits options on diversion and outside ways to add some happiness options.

Today hasn’t been a bad day event-wise… but I sure feel crummy anyway.


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