Searching and intentions

So, the last time I was on the dating site, the prince never showed up in my matches, at all.

The only way I knew he had a profile was because his picture showed up under the “who viewed me” tab of mine.

So I must have pulled up on his matches, but he wasn’t in mine.

I could get it to pull up on search if I put in specifically what he had listed… like just specifically his age, his zip code, etc.

So he did have it searchable, but it never matched on mine.

Until I discovered something.

When I was bored, I changed my settings. I changed it to “actively looking”, and to “looking for someone to marry”… just to see how it changed the selection of guys that I was seeing.

Suddenly, there he was, number 3 in my supposed top 70 matches on the site.

It made me laugh that whatever he’s told the site, it thought that his best matches were people who were actively looking for marriage…. given the response when things got serious with us, would give me pretty much the opposite impression.

I turned my settings back to how they were… since actively looking for marriage people isn’t what I’m looking for either.

So, for a while, he’d turned his profile unsearchable (but not deleted it), so that the only way I could get it to come up was by the “who viewed me” page.

But now it’s back searchable.

How do I know this?

Because apparently when he unhid it, he changed something…. because now, with my settings unchanged, he now pulls up number 2 in my top matches.

Which mean he’s on my match page pretty much every time.

Which also means that every time I go into the “meet me” section, he’s the first one who pulls up asking if I want to meet them. 😦

This isn’t a good thing… as if I hit yes or maybe, it will send him a message.

But, the site uses the “meet me” thing to refine its matches. Right off the bat, it tells you that after you answer on more people, it’s matches for you will improve.

So the question is actually “would you like to meet this type of person?”

Obviously, yes… so I don’t really want to hit no and have it changing my options the wrong direction.

I think I’m just going to leave that section alone for right now.

Mine is on unsearchable, to prevent the messages from guys asking me if I would have their children… as that way, the only people I have contact with are the ones that I contact.

So, he isn’t seeing mine show up anywhere and having to deal with it, except the who viewed me section if he decides to look at it.

The site really needs a “this is someone I’ve dated, discard them from my matches but don’t take it to mean I don’t like that type of guy” button.

They could make it a red “ex”. lol


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