The trick with pushy friends

I have finally discovered the secret to getting friends off my back about moving on.

I’ve had these two friends in particular, who don’t actually even know each other, who have been on me towards finding a replacement for Prince Charming…. since, I don’t know, pretty much all through this.

The logic of why has changed, but not the direction of the push.

But I’ve now discovered the secret to getting them to lay off…

Just tell them about a guy who seems very much like the prince. lol!

He doesn’t look all that similar… but he does have similar build and hair and glasses.. which was enough for both of them to respond about similar looks.

He works in the same general industry, has a lot of the same struggles with that industry, and has a couple of other life situations that are sort of weird how similar they are. He also has several of the same interests, and several of the same strengths.

He has a very different personality though… much more of the shy quiet serious one, where Prince Charming generally had strangers eating out of his hand in about 30 seconds flat, and had amazing abilities on connecting and presence.

It’s still more than enough similar to be not at all what either friend was hoping to see!

Which has made me laugh quite a bit at their responses.

I mean, you told me to look for a replacement…. what do you mean you didn’t actually want me to look for a replacement, but something entirely different? lol

I dunno…. he’s one of several guys I’ve been talking to… the knee injury leaving me not able to drive giving me a good reason to do so, rather than be feeling like things need to move to either move offline or end.

And before I dated Prince Charming, I probably would have had no problems with having jumped at meeting him in person already. He’s a nice guy, and we seem to get along well in chatting.

But my heart just isn’t into it yet.

He’s great to chat with and as a friend… and he’s also put that he’s not interesting in getting into anything serious at the moment…

But I don’t think that my heart is ready to give him a fair chance yet without it being a comparison… or to give him my full heart and attention, which is only fair to be able to give.

Right now, he’d be just that… a replacement for what I really want.

I can’t give him a fair shot for who he is on his own just yet… but of the guys, he’d be the one most likely to move forward… so maybe eventually it will slowly move that direction.

Maybe… eventually…

But right now, it isn’t there.

It just amuses me greatly that the two people who have been pushing me to look at new doors, don’t like my looking at a new door. lol


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