Baggage reversed

A lot has changed in dating in being 8 years older.

In my 20’s, it was always a bit of a question when someone was divorced. Not always a red flag, but just sort of a question that you wanted answered in the back of your mind until the topic came up.

Now, having past the 30 mark, it seems like the default status has changed to divorced.

It almost makes me think a bit on some of the ones that haven’t ever been married.

Which then, makes me remember they are thinking that with me.

Actually, my full story of being twice engaged, never married looks even worse.

Granted, either one of them could have moved forward… and I know at least one of them would have been a divorce if it had. The other one might have been survivable, but it wouldn’t have been an easier road than the one with Prince Charming would be at all.

But it’s just a switch in thinking to realize that I’ve reached the point to where it’s more a flag to watch that someone hasn’t been married than it is that they’ve been divorced.

It makes me feel a bit odd on the site, but, normally I usually don’t. Especially among my college friends, very few of them have married unless they did so very soon after graduation… and even fewer have kids.

I guess it’s a more isolated pond.


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