I wish I could just curl up into a ball, and hibernate until my winter is over.

I’m just sort of feeling weary… and not exactly helpless, but like there’s not anything I can really do to help anything, if that difference makes any sense.

I just have to wait and see with the knee… and put up with the pain and restrictions on ability to drive and get out and do things for myself…. and the stir crazy feeling.

And there’s not much that is in my hands on anything related to Prince Charming either… but just waiting, and seeing whether time and the Prince fix things, or whether time heals and life moves on.

With both, I have my preferences, but it’s out of my hands to do anything towards encouraging that preference any closer to being the outcome.

It’s just a game of enduring the low level hurting.. being glad it’s no longer the agonizing pain that both have had previously… and just seeing how things play out.

But it’s still frustrating, and I’m just tired.

I’d prefer to fill my tummy with a ton of comfort food, snuggle in under my warm blanket, and just hibernate till it all passes over, the cold winter has gone, and things are thawing out again.


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