Lines and routes.

So, there’s been a lot going on…

Unfortunately, there’s not much of it that I can really post openly.

Part of me wants to. Part of me wants to say forget respecting privacy of someone not even mentioned by name on a page he’ll never even see…

But, I know that I should respect it anyway.

Let’s just say there was an incident.

I took a lesser route, rather than the one that I should have to deal with the incident, because I knew he was passionately opposed to the route I should have taken and that I know others were considering taking, but he’s still mad at the route that I did take to prevent that.

It got games started… dragging one of my friends into it… and then a backlash completely with threats that he doesn’t even have the legal standing to fulfill if he wanted to.

So, another round of punishment for caring.

Another round of wishing I didn’t care, because it would sure make my life a lot simpler and a lot less drama.

And another round of wondering how to force myself not to care without it causing an avalanche from all the feelings I’d shoved aside forming a big pile.


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