Not matter how frustrated I am with being on the losing end of some changes with my job..

Tonight, I am sleeping in a warm bed.

I am not reporting to work at 1am on black friday morning, at a very popular national store, to work cashier… when I’d only had a couple hours of training on it and had never been at a register without a trainer before.

I will not spend december getting up and reporting to work at 430 am 3 days a week to move large boxes and build pallets before doing my main job.

I will not be working on the holidays at all. I may not be getting paid for the days I’m not working, but at least I’m not in a call center taking calls.

I will not spend the holiday season working 65 hours between two jobs with little sleep.

It may not be the happiest year. I may still be fighting depression. There may even be tears.

But I’ve dealt with so much worse.

Sometimes crummy spells are rather useful later on for a bit of perspective.


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