Friend hunting

I find myself sort of wishing that there were some sort of an online friend connection website.. sort of like the dating websites, but particularly for people who are specifically looking to develop new friendships locally. (Not that online friendships don’t have value… but sometimes really nice to have someone in person…)

I know.. some of the dating sites do have a "friends" option… but it doesn’t seem to actually mean that to most of the people selecting that.

But, it would be cool to be able to easily find people around here with similar interests, but that who are also actually actively interested in looking for building new friendships in their lives.

A lot of times people seem too busy… or their lives too filled with others… or maybe just not all that interested. They just don’t have the time, or the desire, for people that aren’t already in their close circle.

Or just too far into a whole different world of interests to have much in common beyond acquaintances at wherever we’d met.

One of the things that makes online dating easier is that you know that the people on there are (generally) single and also looking to date. You are already on the same page on that aspect.

So I guess I wish it were easier to find people who were really looking to find friends, and not just being friendly out of social obligation. The ones who have open places and time in their lives to be able to connect with someone new.

Like I’d said a couple of years ago when I had friends pretty much writing me off as not worth the effort when my schedule got weird.. I know that a lot of people keep a lot larger of a circle of friends, which sort of makes the absence of just one of them a lot less felt than out of my closer circle… and reduces the need for any particular one of them.

But I know there’s got to be people around here who need an extra friend, and would value the friendship. That it would be as important to them that I’m in their life as it would be to me to have them in mine.

But how do you go about hunting for them when everyone already seems so wrapped up in their worlds already?


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