So, way back when, over a year ago… I started a blanket for myself while working during my second job.

It’s kind of been an off and on process since then.

I’d decided to change the size around this time last year, given that there seemed hope of someday sharing blankets… and decided to go ahead and leave it at the larger size even with the hope ending. So that made the process longer.

But, I’d kept purchasing the yarn needed on paydays, and finished buying all I was likely to need back in March.

But still, haven’t felt a whole lot like working on it…. and so it generally only got worked on in spells while working on other things simultaneously. Watching a movie, waiting on kiddo in the car for something, that sort of thing.

Lately, with the knee injury, I’ve been working on it alternating with the kitchen projects. 5 minutes or so of painting until my knee needs a break, 10 minutes or so of crochet until it has rested, and repeat.

Which frustrates me on the slow kitchen progress… but has meant things were moving forward on the blanket.

Well, last night, I finished the last colored square.

It was a sort of shocking moment.

I’ve still got a lot to do before the blanket is done… only about half of the squares have the black bordering done, and most of them need to have the edges woven in… let alone the whole process of connecting them…

But I’m done with the pink, the purple, and the turquoise. The squares themselves are done.

It’s just sort of a weird feeling after having them on the to-do list for so long… after having these same three colors of yarn around for so long. Not really elation that I would expect… not really sad at the chapter closing… but just sort of a shock somehow. An unexpected change that sort of should have been expected.

But somehow, it’s just weird right now.


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