A place for fire

Back in October, I found myself looking around at the small little portable firepits.

Basically, I wanted a place to have a tiny fire, and burn things…. mostly paper.

I’d used a small bbq until summer before last when it broke… but, it just didn’t have the feel… functional, but not an ideal match for a symbolic emotional type of burning.

I didn’t find anything of real interest when I was looking. Commercial ones were pretty expensive and usually bigger than I wanted. DIY make it yourself stuff looked more promising, but still nothing really fit my fancy that also fit my budget.

And so, I made do with a deep roaster pan from walmart for the time, and put it out of my mind.

Today, I was at the grocery store, for groceries… not intentionally for christmas stuff.. and I saw that they still had a ton of the pottery jingle bells that I’d intended to tell my mom about, knowing she likes pottery stuff, and see if she was interested in them.

I told her, she was, and I went back to get one.

These are big ball shaped pottery… about 18" or so in diameter. Painted either silver or gold like a jingle bell, and they have stars cut out all over them, and a hole about 6 inches wide on one side to be able to put a candle or bulb in to shine through the stars.

They’d originally been 25, so I expected them to be a bit above 10, since most decorations were half off right now.

It rang up as 5. The cashier told me they were in the way, weren’t selling well, and they just wanted rid of them.

So I got myself one too, on a whim. Hadn’t planned on it.

I got them home, and dropped off my moms… and she called it "like a little chimenea." (No idea how to spell that… spell check doesn’t like it)

And basically it is. It’s made of pottery like one, has hole in side like one, has vent holes that also let light out like some do.

I got mine home, brought it inside into my room, and put a candle in it. This candle happened to have three wicks.

And so, each of the stars is actually projected onto my ceiling as three stars, all dancing gently as the flames flicker and catching the glitter on my ceiling.

Pretty cool. Nice and relaxing.

But sitting there watching it, I suddenly realized… I just bought a mini-chimenea for 5 bucks.

Essentially… a small little native-americanish styled fire pit. It’s the same type of pottery, so it should be able to handle a small fire in it directly too.

And its pretty much the perfect size for what I’d been looking for. And has a really neat look and feel for burning things. Had I run across it while I’d been actively looking at fire pits, I’d have declared it perfect and paid the full 25 for it without pause.

I wasn’t even thinking about my desire for a place for fire… and there it was just handed to me. On clearance.

It’s nice when sometimes things just work out better than you could have planned… even if its just a little thing I’d put out of mind already… as a reassurance that someday big things will too.

Someday the big things will settle…. but for now… I have a place for fire, and dancing stars on my ceiling. 🙂


One thought on “A place for fire

  1. tlc4women says:

    I love a pretty chiminea. They are functional too. The bigger ones throw some nice heat while sitting outside.

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