Fireball pics

Ok, so my description may have been a bit hard to follow in last post… lol

Couple of pics to explain better. 🙂


See… they are meant to look like jingle bells. That may be more obvious if there were gold ones with it like at the store… (They did also have tree shaped options, and something else…)

If you look through the star, you can see part of the “door” on the other side.

It’s bigger than a basketball, but smaller than the small size of exercise ball.


In this one, you can see the candle sitting inside. The info on the bottom calls it a “small star lantern”. I’ve got a standard sized 3 wick candle in it…. about the size of my palm around… but it should be fine to have a small fire directly in the bottom of the pottery too.

(Ignore the floor… lol this is in my room, the room that I haven’t redone the floors because it requires taking all of the furniture out of it, and both of my dressers are solid wood and massively heavy, and one is a total pain to get around the turn in the hall even with multiple people)


The view through the door when lit. My cell really doesn’t like high contrasts in light, so i couldn’t get it to cooperate with showing more of the stars…. let alone the really cool sets of three stars that this projects from it…. but it’s really neat.

So, hopefully that explains what I meant a bit better.


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