Horrible horrible taste

In the category of conversations that sometimes haunt me:

K and I had been standing around outside his apartment one night, at the end of an evening together… and we were talking.

Somehow the topic had gotten to the engineer I’d dated having decided he’d rather sort his font collection than to go out on new years.

K had told me.. "Honey…. you have horrible taste in men."

It wasn’t said judgmentally or anything… just sort of a gentle matter of fact.

He then quickly excluded himself from that… and we laughed… but I remember thinking and almost saying… "babe, you have no idea."

He knew about the general issues with both the former fiance and with boo’s dad… but I’d never really told him the true depth of either one.

Granted, of the many guys I’d dated for a while, not all were awful…. those were just the ones that stuck out.

But… while he really had no idea…

I have to say…. neither did I.

I had no idea how horrible my taste in K was… but with some newer developments… I’m thinking I’ve got to give him the point that it’s more than just him.

I’ll explain a bit more… sometime in the next few days probably… still sort of processing and trying to figure out right now.

But that random conversation has been in my mind a lot since this weekend.


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