Introducing Cr

So, I suppose this story starts way back in September.

Around the same time that I’d started talking with the newer guy, there was another guy I’m going to call Cr for now.

Cr and I had exchanged messages a bit.. just sort of basic stuff, but he was always sort of sporadic about responses. Maybe responding twice in a day, then nothing for 5 or 6 days, then once a day for the next few, then nothing for a bit.

I knew where he worked… that he’d been doing on the road jobs for that company for the last two years and was only recently back into a position keeping him in town.

And I knew that he was separated but not yet divorced… which was a bit of a caution point… but not a dealbreaker. It did make sense that with him having spent the last two years only home 4 days a month, that it wouldn’t have been much of a point worth pushing on finalizing paperwork… and being a Christian, he’d kind of hoped maybe with the time apart things would change and make things more open for trying again.

But then, he stopped messaging. Nothing too abnormal on that happening, so I just assumed he was seeing how things went with another interest and put him out of my mind really as things progressed with the newer guy.

So, as I’ve mentioned, I’d been on the site not too long before Christmas looking to contact someone who I’d talked to as a friend. A day or so later, I got a message from Cr.. just a generic happy holidays thing.. so I didn’t think much of it, given that I’d just been on the site.. so I just sent back about the same thing.

I didn’t stop to think about the fact that my messages would have cleared out of his inbox like the friend’s had cleared out of mine… so he’d had to have intentionally gone to my profile to send it.

I got a message back from him a couple days after the holiday.. letting me know he wasn’t on the site much, but if I wanted to text, here was his number.

Online… he came off as a decent enough guy… no big sparks, but worth giving a shot. So we texted back and forth for a couple hours that night… and a bit the next morning, and then he asked me to meet him for lunch in about an hour.

Didn’t have my hopes the highest… but I was bored and feeling lonely… and figured what the heck… and so I did.

Well, what happened was that we ended up really hitting it off.

His profile wasn’t a very good representation of personality…. and neither were his pics really… but I was much more impressed in person than online… and lunch ended up being a 4 hour event.

He’s a bit less outgoing than I usually tend to go for… but otherwise, a pretty good match. He didn’t hit every nail seemingly directly on the head like K did, but looking at K as an outlier and discarding the experience with him, Cr was pretty high on the chart.


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