The nuclear bomb hits

So… I found out that he’s lived in the same house for at least 4 years… rather than just since late summer.

Which with most people you might be able to say, ok, the online searches just haven’t gotten the new info yet.

But… the info was coming from the sex offender registry.

Somehow… him living with the wife suddenly became the least of the issues.

Gee, guess I know why he got banned from Facebook… I seem to remember the pressure people had put on them to remove sex offenders.

I’m still having a hard time coming up with words to explain my thoughts… so this is probably going to be just cold facts for this particular post.

He’s listed as being a sex offender, for attempted agg indecent liberties with a minor and lewd fondling.

The date of the conviction he would have been 18 at the time. (He’s in his mid 30’s now)

The conviction is from a rural area about an hour from here, which is where he’s from.. so my first thought with him being 18 was possibly it was a situation of an older boyfriend that the parents didn’t like.

And I saw no signs of any further issues with legal stuff since then.
He’s not listed as being on probation or anything… just the offender listing.

I knew him to be a good guy from what I knew of him… so I let myself go with this explanation for a couple of hours… let myself be ok with there being the possibility of a situation that might require a great deal of caution, but still be ok.

Until I found another site giving more offender information… which had a sort of interesting record of the past yearly pics… and listed his vehicle which matched what I know he drives…

And also listed the victim’s age as being 9.


There really is no circumstance under which I can see 9 as being something that could be explained.

Even if he had also been 9 at the time and the conviction didn’t come until later revelations… even then, there is just something wrong with a 9 year old being sexually active with another 9 year old. (Possible past victim themselves?)

There is just nothing that can make 9 be anything but a very messed up person.

I’m an optimist on people’s ability to change and giving people the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise… but… 9. 9!

I suppose there’s always the chance of false accusations… but… there’s just no way I can even pretend that possibility is great enough with something that massive.

There’s a lot being processed… but there’s not a whole lot of words just yet…

But I don’t think I’ve had a bigger shock about someone in my life. K very much included.


One thought on “The nuclear bomb hits

  1. tlc4women says:

    Thank you Lord for looking out for you. Blessings sometimes look like the end of the world but they become escape routes that keep us safe! 💜💜

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