Why do new things hurt?

Why are new things hard?

It’s on my mind right now with my knee… new exercises are hard for a while then ease up.

Most of the time, I don’t play my guitar frequently enough to keep the calluses built up enough to reduce the finger soreness.

Significantly different sized crochet hook means different motions means soreness until I’m used to it.

But even in general.

New things hurt at first.

Whether it’s a new gym routine, a new way of handling something, getting used to a new group of people, a new routine.. a new anything.

They are hard.

It seems like as much as human life is filled with nothing but change after change…. that we would be built to adapt to new things with the least amount of pain in the process as possible.

It seems like we should be designed for new things to be comfortable.

We should be designed to crave things changing all the time.

But somehow… we really just aren’t.

We adapt… we deal with it… we push through the pain.

But why is it even there?


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