The same gift again

I got my kid a laptop for her birthday.


The one I got her last year… I’d planned to get her one of the cheap models that she really couldn’t hurt much.

But at the time, I had a sweet guy reminding me that I was dating an IT, and that he could fix anything she could possibly do to it, and that he would take care of it…. and so to go ahead and get her a "real" computer.

I hate dealing with troubleshooting computers. I can do it, and used to often get looped into dealing with ones both for relatives and at work, but I hate it.

I don’t mind tearing one apart to replace a part if I know what’s wrong, but I hate dealing with windows…. especially virus related stuff.

This is why I’m a mac owner.

And so, you can imagine how thrilled I’ve been with the 4 different times I’ve had to deal with this stupid computer having big issues in the last year.

Part because I hate doing it…. but of course, every time that I have to, it’s also a fresh reminder that the sweet caring guy telling me he’d look out for me got kidnapped by a jerk I’d never met before and is dead, leaving me on my own again to deal with it.

And so… it pulled the last round of refusing to start about a week before her birthday…. and I decided it was time to put both it and me out of our shared misery.

I bought her the cheap computer I’d been planning to do last year.

It was bittersweet… but felt more like closure. An acceptance that life will never be what I thought it was when I bought the other one.

It’s been two days.

I spent the afternoon today fighting with the new computer… which was giving me a completely black screen after login and not letting anything run.

And with the help of google…. I managed to figure out how to attempt to repair, and then how to restore to factory settings…. on a computer running an operating system that I’ve only even used once before briefly.

I should feel victorious.

Instead, I’m feeling like I need to get rich somehow to get to a point where I can risk an expensive mac to a young teen…. or afford to take the whole stupid thing to a shop and tell them to call me when it’s over.


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