Old stuff

I got to doing some thinking…. and realized something.

As of this month, I’ve had my car for a full decade. (It was 5 years old when I got it.)

Also as of this month, I’ve had my computer for 8 years.

And a few months back, my cell is now 5 years old.

All three seriously need replaced. They function, but by no means well.

But my feelings are sort of torn. On one hand, it’s kind of sad that I’m still trying to force things to work that have seen much much better days rather than being able to have replaced them.

But on the other hand… I’m sort of proud of making it work. Of not being someone who just replaces things because something newer and better is available.

I can say for sure I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of all three.

I’ve said in the past regarding my car "if it runs and it’s paid for, that’s all I need in a car."

The first part is just becoming the question.


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