Dreaded wedded

Well, one of my family members has decided to do a formal wedding ceremony, even though they’ve been legally married for 7 years on paper, and living together for 12.

So, even though I have no real rush towards legal commitments, it still strikes a bit touchy with the events of the past year.

I really don’t wanna go.

But to add to the misery, it’s on the day before valentines day. Which of course, is another day that may be a bit touchy.


I just really don’t want to go to this. It’s a family member that’s never been there for me, and whose wife generally makes comments looking down on me for being in the big city school district instead of the suburb, and for shopping at target for kids clothes instead of spending a fortune at the mall stores regularly.

So beyond just being a big money spending spree just for the sake of having a party essentially, it’s generally not someone I’d even be that thrilled about going to a party for… and whose friends tend to be drunken idiots given the option, and a reception with alcohol would likely be one.

But, not going would cause major league drama with my mom.

My younger brother has already gone that route… so right now, I’m just laying low on my opinions.

I will probably go… but not for the sake of supporting the couple, but for the sake of making my mother happy.

But I really don’t want to. At all.


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