Deleted chapters

What if there was no past?

What if the only chapter in life was the one you are living right now?

I’ve been thinking back the past week over people who try to delete their past chapters.. those who remove all evidence and deny phases of their life even happened after they are over.

It seems sad at first glance… to completely lose all that has been before, and to know that when life changes again that you will lose all the experiences of now.

And it seems like making peace with those chapters instead as leading to the person you are now seems like it would be the more productive way to deal with it.

But I wonder a bit on that.

How much of how I respond in harmful ways now, is due to past hurts and events?

How much would it help to be able to just completely close those issues, and just keep them from ever coming back up again?

It seems like a really good plan.

And yet.. I know that the deletion never really works entirely.

And the past that isn’t dealt with, will just come back to haunt you.

As one of the quotes used to go… "Hug your demons, so they can’t bite you in the butt."

But it does seem rather tempting to hunt for a delete button.


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