Realizing signs

Depression is a funny thing.

I know strategies to improve when it hits.

But, even as my mood drops, I rarely realize what it is until it hits a certain intensity level.

So, it never occurs to me to start using battle tactics until I’m deeply in the war and losing.

When I start to dread getting out of bed, I know it has hit. Or when nothing sounds appealing to eat for multiple meals over a day or two. Or when I start wanting to go to bed as soon as dinner is over. Or when I can’t even focus enough to watch tv or read an article.

But I wish I were better at catching it before it goes that far… to head it off earlier.

But, the same things that help when depressed a lot of times are tedious when forced when not feeling down… things like daily checklists for basic morning and evening routines, written reminders, etc.

Just need to start finding some earlier signs I guess.


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