From afar

A friend from the first round of college came to visit me yesterday.

She had the day off work, and decided to come see me post-surgery… driving 3 hours each way to do so.

We had a great visit… went out to lunch, and just caught up in general.

But it strikes me as an example of what I mean on the difference in my current friends vs friends from the past who live nowhere nearby.

A friend from a decade ago would drive 6 hours total just to hang out for lunch and chat for a few hours.

Current, local friends… not so much.

Only a couple even asked how I was doing.

Even with our church, who usually organizes dinner deliveries for women of the church going through surgeries or other medical issues… I guess only really counts you as having someone who normally relies on you for meals if you are married. Kids of single parents can fend for themselves I guess, where as those poor fathers can’t be expected to feed themselves or their children without assistance.

The realization that my current connection quality with local friends is lacking is nothing new… I know it’s been mentioned here several times in the past year.

But it just sort of served as a visual example… a more concrete form of proof that it’s not just resulting from depression skewing my perception, but really is a difference.

Having any idea how to go about fixing it is another question entirely though.


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