Depending on me

I’ve calmed a bit on the surgery worries.

The biggest thing is that it finally hit me that there’s a difference between this time and the injury itself.

Because this time, I have warning.

I know it’s coming, and I know what the weaknesses and needs were after the injury, and I can prepare.

I can depend on myself and my own planning and preparations, rather than depending on others afterwards.

A lot of things can be planned ahead to stock up enough to last through when I’ll be able to restock them again myself.

I can get big bags of cat food and cat litter now. If it’s more than I need for the time, it will still get used.

I can get a ton of bottled water, pop, and snacks. I can make sure I have drinks and snacks and shelf-stable foods for breakfasts and lunches within reach from my bed, and within reach from the couch when I get feeling up to moving around. I can stock the freezer up with microwave meals for when I’m feeling more mobile.

I can get all the laundry done, purchase extra socks and underwear and towels, have spare blankets close and extra sheets in my room.

I can make sure my kindle has books, my charger for it and my phone are close, my laptop is moved to be easier to access, and that I have lots of yarn and my crochet bag nearby. I can record movies and other interesting stuff on the DVR to be watched when I get too bored.

I can make sure my bills are all taken care of in advance if they will be due during the next few weeks afterwards… and plan all other things for a few weeks out unless absolutely critical.

I can take care of my post-op self, by my current self.

So I can make it to where more of the factors depend on only me.

This makes me feel a lot better about how the recovery will go.


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