So.. the docs require that I be off almost every med for at least 2 weeks before surgery, and some of them for up to 6 weeks afterwards.

Some of these make sense… like the ones that raise the risk of blood clots, and the ones that run the risk of making blood pressure drop too low.

But.. the ones that are killing me, is not being allowed to take any pain meds except tylenol.

I’ve been on some form of pain med since september. And they help, a lot.

This… hurts.

And I’ve come up with a theory.

I think that being off the pain meds isn’t medically needed.

But they do it to remind you why you need to have the surgery.

When the pain isn’t there due to meds chasing it off, its easy to forget what the full brunt of it feels like.

Which makes it easier to second guess if you really need to go through with it.

Yeah… I’ve been reminded.

Now can I go back on? lol


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