Crawling forward

So life moves forward.

The knee is getting better… gradually.

Every time I go to physical therapy, the motion has improved a little.

As the days go by, I can do more again.

I’ve been able to move the head of my bed back to the normal direction that I prefer instead of where I can reach drawers easier.

I can do full baths again instead of having to keep the leg dry.

I’ve moved my supply of snacks back into the kitchen instead of needing to have things near the bed and couch for breakfasts and lunches that don’t need transported.

I can mostly get most of the cleaning done, with just a small group of tasks left to my daughter.

But… it feels like things are going so very slow.

I know they aren’t.. progress is being made. It’s only been a couple of weeks!

But it’s so gradual that it feels like each day is the same as the last.

One foot in front of the other gets you there… but sometimes, I get so impatient. lol


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