Parking Doability

I never realized how much parking can make the difference between something being able to be done, and something not being do-able.

Right now, I’m able to tolerate driving a little… and hobbling on crutches for moderate distances.

But, there are some places that I can do, but if I’d had to walk from the normal best available parking, probably wouldn’t be.

Walmart (w the dorky motorized cart). Movie theater. Some restaurants.

It’s nice to be getting a bit of freedom back right now… but it reminds me how much I appreciate having the temporary pass for a while.

Because sometimes, it makes the difference between being able to take my teen to go see the movie she’d been begging to see for months (long before it came out), or making her wait until it’s on a dvd I can get from a machine.

Kind of nice to be able to do a bit of what I want to.


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