4 weeks later

So it’s been 4 weeks post-surgery.

Doesn’t seem like that long… but then, seems like I’ve been limping forever.

It’s still getting better. All of the staples and strips and bandages and all are off now, incision is healed over, and scar is open to the world when I have shorts on.

But still a slow and gradual improvement…. and flexibility is falling behind where physical therapist would expect right now.

So things have gone a lot more into the heavily pushing it in sessions… which is pretty painful.

And it’s frustrating… because I’ve been doing what I’m supposed to be doing… it’s just not being as effective as it should.

And more frustrating because in some positions, it can bend a lot better than others… but of course, the ones that they judge by are the ones that are the hardest and when it bends the least.

I know it’ll get there… just sort of wishing I could fast forward a couple of months or so.


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