Mental cargo

There’s about 5 different things that I planned to write about… that I need to write about…

But they are all complicated, sticky, and long… so they are all still sort of in the air…

But, maybe that in itself is something to write about.

Long ago, I started telling people that if they wanted a good judge of my mental state at any given time, to just look in my car.

It’s still true today.

Much of the time it’s fairly clean… a contained bag of trash, a gym bag, a backpack…

But when life gets crazy… the car upkeep gets lost in the chaotic schedules and running around trying to keep everything else juggled.

When life is in a rough spot, about everything else hits as a higher priority, and so the clutter multiplies.

The same thing happens with my brain by the same spells of life. The lack of downtime to sort things out and put them in the right places makes for a swirl of chaos.

Some of it is trash… stuff that needs to be completely removed and kicked out… but to do that, you first have to sort it out from all of the gym bags and backpacks of things that are truly needed to be in the car/thoughts… and all of the things like books and yarn that are optional, recreational stuff that is good stuff, but just not critical outside of a certain amount of downtime.

Right now, stress is kind of keeping things swirled around a bit… more stuff onboard than I want to have hanging out with me everywhere… but a lot of it is just in such big chunks that it’s hard to just break it down and move it out in smaller sections.

But, it’s in progress.

Slowly but surely.

Such is life I guess.


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