The medical shock

So, I found a new doctor last week.

I know I’ve gone on repeatedly about the awful docs I’ve managed to find… including the last one, who at one point literally told me that no orthopedic doc would even look at my knee until I lost weight so I was going to have to tough it up and work harder first (and 3 months later, I was having knee surgery to fix the major issue she was too busy seeing me as fat to notice, without the surgeon having ever said a single word about my weight).

So, my hopes were low. I needed meds refilled, I didn’t want to see the previous jerk again, so I scheduled with another doc in the same practice so they didn’t have to wait on records to transfer.

But basically, I was feeling like it couldn’t be worse than the other one… and was going in prepared to do battle and with the goal of just surviving and getting my meds filled.

And I walked out shocked!

The new doc point blank apologized for some of the treatments given by the last doc, shook her head and openly wondered why she hadn’t done some of the same things that I’d wondered…

And where the old doc had pretty much shrugged off both of the major chemical dysfunctions of my body as being just excuses to not work at losing weight… and had never even listed them in my medical issue list (thanks open digital records..)..

The new doc, the second I mentioned the first one, told me that I was "pretty much the poster child" for a combination of the two, specifically naming symptoms/characteristics that matched and mentioning which ones usually only occur with people that have both together, and mentioning the few ones that I don’t have.

Yes, she’s not just someone who at least takes it seriously, she’s someone who knew exactly what it was she was dealing with even without having it on the file as a diagnosis or having a cheat sheet!

And so… I went from a doc that I specifically had to ask to run the blood tests that would show the current levels and how out of whack they are (only to have them run blood tests but only to try and prove I was diabetic instead of the right ones, 3 different times)… to someone who immediately ordered them, without my asking, but also went ahead and corrected the medications to what we both knew they actually ought to be to start off, without having to have the proof yet, and without my even having to ask, let alone fight!

And rather than just spouting off inappropriate wisdom… she outlined what her "if I got everything I wanted" plan was, then asked if I had any objections or questions with any part of it, or other preferences in approach.

I didn’t.

Because, honestly, she’d just not only done exactly what I would have requested… she’d actually just jumped about 4 steps ahead of where I was expecting to currently be fighting.

I came in expecting to fight on removal of two meds that don’t make sense, and to argue for two more that I knew I ought to be on but haven’t been in a long time.

I left with that done without my asking let alone fighting…. and the blood tests ordered that I’d been ignored on repeatedly.. and two additional meds that I hadn’t even been ready to fight for yet… and two consultations set up, including a second opinion on my knee not being back to full strength yet… having my opinion of two different issues backed up where it previously had been all but mocked…

And in total and complete shock!

Maybe there’s some hope for the medical world yet…


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