A gradually increasing fire

A few years back, I accepted a position doing accounting.

Yes, this was crazy… I have no math background… I hadn’t even taken college algebra till the year before..

But, it was actually an expansion of an area of tasks that I had taken on already in my job.

An accounting clerk had retired, they decided not to replace her, so they split up the work between a bunch of the lowest paid part timers… many of which had then left due to our pretty high turnover, and/or had proven they had no clue what they were doing with simple computer tasks like spreadsheets.

So, basically, there were complaints about it being all over the place with nobody really being on top of it… and other things drawing more attention to our building and an area of services connected to this department…

So, at the time I made the agreement, I was already working full time at the last call center job…. but the position as I agreed to it was to be 3 hours, 5 days a week , in which I would be working on the current accounting tasks as well as taking on an additional area, and some random things like the lost and found.

Then, after those three hours, for the next two hours I would return to the other office, and do my former position to cover for lunches so that there would not be reduced staff over the lunch period.

My position was sort of a hybrid… I was supervised by, and paid by, the system that would be in place if I had only the accounting position. But, by title, I was still listed in the old position.

But, it worked.

Then, after about 9 months, one of the other staff members had a major medical issue, and was on reduced work for quite a while…. so they wanted the person covering part of her work to use my office since it was next to hers, and so I was told I would be moved onto a laptop for my computer and working in an area of the old position office where I would be in the room, but not the one working at the customer service windows or on the phones during my accounting time.

That didn’t last long… almost instantly getting changed to my working the windows and phones as well… essentially doing both jobs at once for the pay of one.

But it was only temporary. So I made it work, as much as it made my life much harder and greatly increased the number of errors by being interrupted constantly.

But then, when the person was well again… it was decided that they were going to hire a new marketing intern, and put them into the office that was mine instead of the intern office.

Because my doing two jobs at once also meant one less person on staffing at any given time, and so less payroll, and so we could afford interns that don’t really seem to have any idea what they are doing. (Another discussion entirely)

So.. that’s been 18 months ago.

They still haven’t gotten my phone voicemail corrected… but now the intern is complaining about not having voicemail because of it, so now maybe because it matters to her, it looks like that may finally get fixed,

And it’s just gotten worse.

Since it worked with me, they also decided to move the supervisor desk around so they are running a window too… which means one less person to be grabbing the phones and such… and more workload going my direction.

Then, things shifted again… and I’m now also covering all accounts receivable that are paid at the building.

But, beyond the work load, my previous supervisor has absolutely no respect for the fact that I have other things that I’m trying to work on besides her busy work.

So, I may be working on accounting… trying to be very precise and not flip anything around… and I get handed piles of coupons to sort out by type before they go into storage. Or folders that she needs to have a label made and applied and apparently is above using the label maker herself (yes, she knows how when she wants to). Or, I could be closing out reports for the day on a very busy day, and get handed a stack of papers to write the date on for the coming weekend workers.

When I’m not busy, it’s one thing… but more and more, she appears to care less if I’m busy or not.

But then, when I do get it done, its not like she’s grateful for the help. I squeeze in dealing with a large project with probably 30 accounts, in the middle of a busy time on the phones plus my accounting stuff…. and rather than saying thank you, she brings it to me to complain that on some of the accounts, the street name on the address isnt capitalized. These were existing accounts… with info that was already in them, many of which were made online by the person themselves… but apparently I was supposed to be bored enough to not just get them done, but to decided to go into the accounts and change over to edit mode and change the capitalization of the street name to look nicer even though it was technically already correct?

Yes, it would look nicer to be standardized… no, I don;t have anywhere near the time to make that even remotely towards the top of my priority list.

It’s gotten bad enough I’ve spoken with my supervisor about it… who basically just said that we need to work on open communication and letting her know in a polite and professional tone when something she hands me is going to be the lowest thing on my totem pole…

Which, yes, I know that my frustration shows in my tone quite easily.

But… you can’t tell me that she doesn’t already realize that when I have folders stacked 4 deep on my desk in attention to trying to help the person at the window… that I’m busy at the time.

You can’t tell me she doesn’t realize that the busiest event of the year might not be the time that I have gobs and gobs of free time to check the alphabetization of the files in the filing cabinet (yes, an actual recent task she got snippy when I didn’t get to.)

I’m just so over this.

I don’t actually mind the accounting work, oddly enough… and I know that my supervisor over the accounting side does honestly value and appreciate my work.

But I’m so sick of dealing with the rest of this.

And my fear is… with the way things have been going… that because they haven’t had a huge failure from the office changes, they will just keep making things worse and worse on the workers in the name of saving a buck.

I’m just feeling like this is a sinking pit of muck… and that further investment is likely to just make that muck go even deeper over my head.

So, it was with mixed feelings that 90 days ago, I ended up on probation… over a cash discrepancy with my drawer that was never explained.

Essentially, one of my coworkers had to have messed with it… but nothing obvious got caught on camera apparently… so buck stops with me.

I have my suspicions of what happened and with who… but they aren’t anything I’m ever going to be able to prove.

So, for the last 90 days, I’ve been in a position where even a small screw up could potentially get me fired.

So, for that time, I’ve also been applying to transfer to other departments… and had an interview… but haven’t had much come open.

My 90 days is up now.

I should be glad.

Instead, I’m actually sort of surprised and rather disappointed that I’m still here.


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