Level of care

Not too long ago, I replaced the starter on my truck.

As in, bought the part, put the part on myself, replaced the starter.

And, in making the decisions, I found myself being overly careful.

This is an older truck… older than my daughter, who is now old enough to have a learner’s permit on driving. Blue book worth is less than 3k… and I’ve got less than that into it.

But, I put the top of the line starter on it…. knowing it to be more reliable, and to also have a lifetime replacement.
Same thing when I had the brakes done.


Because my kid will be driving it.

I know that she will likely be using it for the next few years… and, beyond that, it’s entirely possible that the end outcome could be my giving her my truck and my getting a new vehicle. (I do rather like my truck though… so maybe not… but, financially, it would make sense to just pass on the older truck and get another truck for me)

So, because I know that she’s going to be driving it, I don’t want her to have to be dealing with starter issues… let alone brake issues.

So it’s getting done well… better than would probably be done on a truck of its age and value otherwise.

But, I sort of found myself thinking about it a bit.

How much does it say that I wouldn’t do for myself the same treatment?

Do I want to be dealing with starter issues myself? Of course not… but will I actively spend more to prevent them when I’m the only one benefiting?

Its sort of interesting to just stop and realize that I don’t. At all.

I probably should.

But it’s just not up there.


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