Making parts

Right now, I’ve been mostly making parts.

With trying to work on production of many items vs just a single craft project, it’s easiest to approach it this way.

So, I have dishpans full of pvc pipes that have been cut… and of ones that have had the holes drilled in them… and of ones that have been sanded… and dishpans of the hardware…

I’ve thought about getting a bunch of ziplock bags and basically making wind spinner kits, as that’s sort of the effect.

But as far as spiral spinners… only 4 of them have actually been made so far.

I’ve taken to calling them prototypes… as it’s essentially what they are. They were the original attempts to get the kinks out of the process and fine tune the end result. They’ve been used to compare different options as far as what’s going to work best for catching the wind, etc…

But, there’s still only 4 of them.

But… I have lots and lots of parts.

Ready to be assembled… but, no real reason to focus on doing so just yet. I have the paint ready, but it’s a lot easier to set up and paint a bunch of them in one day than to set up painting each one at a different time.

So they are ready and waiting in the wings as parts… just waiting for their time to be ready to go.

It’s also a lot easier to store parts than it is to store assembled and painted wind spinners.

There will be a day soon that I will need to focus on getting them all assembled and painted, but that’s not just yet.

So right now, parts they are.

As I focus on adding more parts to my piles for other items.

If you just look at numbers, it would look like I’m not getting far.

But, actually, I’m at a place that if you wanted a "naked" unpainted pvc spiral spinner, I could hand you an assembled one in less than 15 minutes.

It’s there… just not yet there.

And so, of course… there’s always gotta be a metaphor… lol

Parts production feels like what life is.

Just as the bulk of the time is spent making parts repetitively, it feels like life is also just sort of plugging along, building and building…

But I guess I wonder if there is ever a point when I get to see life’s spinner get assembled.

Things like the school attempt… like the job development… they go on and on for years… making parts and making parts…

But are they ever going to give me a product for the work?

I really don’t think so right now with their of those examples.

Maybe they helped some with skills in production that will be used in making some future part…

But I sort of feel like repetitively making parts that will never be a whole is sort of the direction of life in general.

I don’t mind the work in parts.

But sometimes the end product being in sight is needed to produce the motivation when it just looks like a big pile of pvc chunks in your lap.

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