Making tools work

Right now, I’m dreaming of a table saw.

Actually, I’m not so much dreaming as planning and checking craigslist multiple times a day.

For the wood spinners, to do it right, you need to rip the wood into long strips and then cut those into shorter lengths.

It looks like it would be easier to just chop across the wood… and it wood, I mean, would…. but going across the grain doesn’t work well.

In my arsenal, I have a circular saw, a jigsaw, and a hole saw attachment for my drill.

I can use the circular saw… but it is seriously time consuming and much more difficult.

So for just a few spinners, it’s reasonable.

But when you are trying to do something in an sort of a scale, it’s just really not the right tool for the job. It will work, but it’s just way more work than is needed.

For another example, cutting the metal rod that runs down the center of the spiral spinners.

I have a pair of bolt cutters with handles about 8 inches long. I have a pair of metal snips. Either one is capable of cutting thin rods.

But… the effort required… is substantial. Multiple attempts, multiple angles, some wiggling, and sore hands.

I surrendered, and bought a good pair of bolt cutters with 24" handles.

It cuts through the same rod like a pair of scissors would. Snip and done.

I could have rented them for half the price, but it’s not like they wouldn’t be needed again later for many more rods.

And if it comes down to it, I can actually rent the table saw too for an afternoon and just attack all of the wood all at once… but again, I’d prefer to track down a decent used one to have on hand rather than have to rent repeatedly every time I needed more wood chopped.

The effort difference between the right tool… and a tool that may still work but isn’t meant for the job… is huge.

There’s just no comparison.

But, again with the analogies.. I kind of feel like I’m attacking a big stack of wood with a tiny saw in life.

It seems like there’s so much that could or should be so much easier… but somehow in my life, it just isn’t.

Maybe I just don’t have the skills, or the resources, or the personality, or even the right goal… or whatever it is that I don’t have.

It just sort of feels like there has to be an easier path somewhere.

There’s got to be some piece that I’m missing somewhere that would make this work…

But I feel like asking for it… pleading for it honestly…or even to know what it is to try and hunt it down myself… just doesn’t get any sort of an answer.

Is life really supposed to be this weary and disappointing?

I know… it could be worse. It has been worse. It’s not like I’m trying to attack the wood pile with a butterknife or something..

But really…

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