The big secret

It’s kind of been hinted at a bit in some of the older posts… but I guess it’s getting to be time to announce my big secret.

I have decided, as a "side hustle" as you will, to attempt a creative venture.

In an attempt to develop more into the creative realm and reduce the frustration both financially and with the place my life is at career-wise.

To be specific… I’ve decided to use my tax return for this year to start a business creating non-fabric wind decorations and selling them locally.

Right now, it’s looking like the main products at opening are going to be whirligig style birds with spinning wings, spiral style wind spinners made of pvc and/or wood, rotating pvc shapes in star and diamond varieties, and wind chimes if I get get the hole saw to actually cooperate with me.

Lots of other possibilities loom on the horizon, but I’m trying to keep it reasonable for a start.

Where in the world did this come from???

Good question.

It actually came out of some random craft project that I was playing around with.

I decided to make one for my mom’s porch as well.

Pics were shared… interest developed… I started messing with the pvc and started getting questions about selling them…

Decision was made to give it a whirl (yes, pun intended) on a pipe dream (yes, still intended), and to see what happens.

Well, it was then decided to look towards getting a booth set up at the main local farm and handmade craft market that runs spring to fall…

Which requires handing a current state sales tax number to collect sales tax…

Which requires registering with the federal government to get another number for them…

And suddenly I find myself sitting here as an official sole proprietor of a legally registered business… complete with a name, contracts, banking accounts and a point of sale and accounting system, a registered website, social media accounts, the whole 9 yards..

And a May 7th launch date.

Yes. I am certifiably crazy.

(And have you ever dug through the insane paperwork to register a business? And I’m a fairly smart college-educated person. How in the world do some of these people I deal with at work who can’t follow instructions on a simple form actually manage to get through this? Let alone those with real challenges, like language barriers and limited access to web information… )

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