The jerk neighbor

It was the weekend before christmas.

I had a total of 3 days off between Thanksgiving day and Christmas day this year.

Life was crazy, I was tired…

And I forgot about trash day.

Ok, whatever… they would get it the next week.

Before the next trash pickup day comes around, my neighbor yells at me across their yard as I’m getting home… “When are you going to pick up the trash lazy b****?”

Now, I know it’s been ranted about here multiple times that this neighbor is a jerk. He’s the one who called the cops for a noise complaint when I was trying to wrestle a kid throwing a fit into the house at 10:30 at night. The one who kills off about a foot of my yard every year so that my type of grass doesn’t spread into his. He’s the type of guy that when a kid asks him if she can get her ball that landed in his backyard and he obviously heard her, he turns around and walks into the house and completely ignores her…. and when her grandparents give her permission to go in the fence and get it, then puts locks and big no trespassing signs on the gates the next day.

So… my best response to the yelling was to ignore it.

I get yelled at again… and I continue into the house… and in a seriously annoyed response, flipped them off over my shoulder as I left.

And so… apparently having nothing better to do… the neighbor called the local tv station’s “on your side” news team to complain about me.

You would think there are a lot bigger news stories to be covering, but apparently not on the weekend before christmas.

Yes, they actually came out on a saturday (which I had to work)… and they showed on the news that I had 8 bags of trash along the fence waiting for the trash man.

Yes, they counted them… 8 white kitchen sized bags of trash made it on the news… even when a good number of them were only half full (cat litter is heavy, etc).

They made a big fuss about how I’m just lazy…
that my grass was overgrown all summer…
that they have tried to to talk to me about it by i just flip them off (yeah, i guess they consider yelling across the yard calling me a lazy b to be talking?)
that they call every two weeks and complain about me but i never get fined, so they want to petition the city council to change the laws so that people get fined for having three complaints no matter what… That there are all sorts of mice and raccoons and possums because of trash…

Now, not a single bag was torn or open… the video showed that… so its not like its just my word against his that there are no raccoons and possums etc around here, and the last time I saw a mouse, has been over 5 years ago.

And yes, my grass ran a bit tall this year.. amazing how that happens when you have knee surgery in may and dont have high enough income to hire out lawn services at $160 a month or more (yes, I’d looked…. what happened to all of the teen boys who used to mow lawns for cheap just for summer spending money?).

But of course that knee surgery or anything else never came up… I’m just lazy.

But… as he said…. there has never been anything that in his many complaints has been cause for them to fine me.

He point blank said that he calls on my every two weeks… and that a lot of times when he calls later they don’t even have a complaint on file…. and the city offices confirmed for the report that they’ve had complaints and that not once has there actually been a reason to fine me about anything that he has called about.

It’s sort of odd after all of these years of telling people my neighbor is a jerk to me…. to now actually have real recorded proof of him bragging about being a jerk to me.

And, overall, most of the tv station’s website comments were in my favor… even when the next day, they made it their “question of the day” on if people should be fined for having three complaints regardless of outcome of them.

A few people made comments about any trash at all outside being nasty… so I guess they keep their weekly trash in their houses all week and prefer to have nastiness inside?

But most said that they saw nothing wrong with the house in the story…. or told stories about houses in their neighborhoods who had actual real problems… or said that if their neighbor had trash for more than a week they would have just put the bags with their own on trash day.

I even got a letter from some of the neighbors across the street and down a bit, telling me not to worry about it, that he would have problems with anyone living next to him, and that the other side of the block has my back. lol

But… still.

I have to admit, I spent the better part of my one day off the next day curled in a ball, going back and forth between crying and wishing for revenge.

I know that I do my best.

Yeah, sometimes things like forgetting the stupid trash day is that morning happen….

But I do the best that I can under my life.

But, even so… having someone launching a campaign that you are such a horrible neighbor that you should be fined even when you haven’t been found to be in violation of any rules… it takes a beating on you.

What total jerks.

Now that it’s spring, I’ve been outside a lot more working on some big projects that are in the works that I need to do outside.

And it honestly bothers me some.

I wish it didn’t… but it does… even when I’m just sitting on my own porch working on sanding or painting.

It’s my yard. My domain. I have a right to be there, and to use it.

But it sort of feels like even being in sight opens me up to attack.

Sometimes… people just suck.

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